Yvonne Vermaak
Counselling Psychologist

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 

Neuropsychological rehabilitation (both in-patient and out-patient) is a treatment modality employed by a  neuropsychologist to assist patients who have sustained cognitive, emotional,  and behavioral impairments as the result of an acquired brain injury. Causes of  brain injury include traumatic brain injury (TBI), hypoxia, and stroke. 

Neuropsychologist's will help the  patient and often the family to cope with the emotional and behavioral sequelae  of the injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, life may never be the  same. Brain injury may also cause  irritability, anger, temper outbursts, emotional lability, and impulsivity. 

On the other hand, it often happens that patients may be unaware of their  deficits, a condition known as anosagnosia. In that case, the neuropsycholgist  will help patients to become aware of and to comprehend the consequences of  impairments. 

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